IP to Country API Feed Service

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Announcing IP to Country (IP2C), a free open-source service to deliver a IP to Country web service feed for use in your software. Feed style queries return information about the client, such as:

  • Internet Protocol Address (IP)
  • Hostname
  • Country Code
  • Country Name

There are many times you will ask yourself, "What is my IP address?"

You may be away from home on a laptop or other portable device or gadget... Perhaps you have a dynamic address (always changing) instead of a static address. This is determined by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Sometimes you will need the IP to troubleshoot problems a friend, family member or customer may be having.

When you need to know your IP address: The Internet exposed IP number can be quite difficult to read from the many possible list of IP devices a machine has today. (Not to mention the firewalls, proxies, VPNs that are being used as jumping points.)

ip to country web services We offer a wide range of free services based on our IP address geolocation database:

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