About this service

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IP to Country (IP2C) a free open-source service to deliver a IP to Country feed for use in your software. Feed style queries return information about the client, such as:

  • Internet Address (IP)
  • Hostname
  • Country Code
  • Country Name

Some ideas of how to use our web services

Below are just a few samples of how people are utilizing our geo web service to give you some ideas.

Applications & Ideas...
  1. Real Time Geo-Locating
  2. Provide Location Aware Content based on language & currency
  3. Fraud Detection (Rejecting suspicious IPs)
  4. On-line Campaign (targeted Banner Ads)
  5. Auto-selection of fields on forms (country, currency, language)
  6. Filter access on basis of originating country
  7. Spam Filtering

Some ideas of how to use our web services

You can easily integrate this data into your app as a feed, fetch, CUrl grab, API call, etc. We also have a ready-to-go Javscript based Gadget to slip right in to your web pages.

The basic idea IS: you simply consume the resource and let a JSON or XML object class parse it out for you.

⇒ Some example test queries by IP:

Getting Started

How to access our Geolocation Feed in JSON or XML:


optional tag - &ip=

example JSON output: {ip: "",hostname: "c3536614.virtua.com.br",country_code: "BR",country_name: "Brazil"}


optional tag - &ip=

example XML output: <?xml version="1.0"?> <lookup><ip></ip><hostname>c953544.virtua.com.br</hostname><country_code>BR</country_code><country_name>Brazil</country_name></lookup>