Whats My IP Address... Gadget

My IP address is... Gadget

My IP Address is ... This is a a very simple gadget that can be customized and placed almost anywhere. It will simply display your external Internet Protocol (IP) Address, internet connection status and country of origin with flag. It consumes the IP2C Feed.

Sometimes you ask yourself 'Whats my IP address?'. You may be away from home or perhaps you do not have a static address (a dynamic IP), or perhaps you have no idea what it is. When you need to know your IP address. The external IP number can be quite difficult to read from the machine itself sometimes.

How to Install

Install this gadget, app or widget on your homepage, web site, Blogs, iGoogle, Orkut and other social networks.

Tips, Help and Guides on Gadget Installation

In addition to some of the quick links to Google inspired web site, there are many places that accept the OpenSocial and Core Gadgets API, which the gadget "My IP Address is..." adheres to. Here are some articles to help you out.

  1. Blogger: How to Add Gadgets to Blogger
  2. Facebook
  3. Orkut
  4. MySpace
  5. Ning
  6. ... and hundreds of other Open Social sites

Are you using this gadget somewhere else? Please, Let us know... iGoogle Gadget (Live Demo)

You can freely customize the appearance, dimensions, colors, and configuration and Google will create a nice one-line Javascript code you slip into your pages.